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Neon LED – buildings


Our range of LED lights and tubes for your buildings is safe, economical and above all easy to maintain!

Our unique connector system allows easy and quick installation, but above all safe. We have designed these products to meet, for Quebec, the specific requirements of the Régie du Bâtiment with respect to safety standards. Also proud to be the first company to offer this replacement solution with CSA certification.
Our LED tube (Solution P69) as well as our SEV-LU series (recessed), SEV-HB series (suspended) and SEV-SN (mini-garage) series luminaires are designed to minimize very expensive maintenance and upkeep costs as much as possible. of a traditional fluorescent tube. Our design without ballast allows our LED tubes to be connected directly without having to transform the current; the connection can easily be done directly on a current of 120V or 347V. Some models of our LED tubes. 120V can also be connected to a dimmer.

In terms of performance, our luminaires can easily replace existing installations with T12/T1 0 /T8/T5. It is possible to replace a multitude of products with a fraction of the consumption and above all offering a huge reduction in energy and maintenance costs. Proud of our breakthrough and innovation with our tubes and luminaires, our product is highly innovative and on the lookout for the best in LED technology.



P69 Solution - P69 LED Fluorescent Tube

Retrofit kit

Fixed Recessed LED Light

Recessed LED light

Suspended LED luminaire

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